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Other genres of music in Kyrgyzstan


The musical heritage of Kyrgyzstan is not limited to traditional forms of music. The traditional folk music of the Kyrgyz is only one of the different genres which can be encountered, experienced and enjoyed in Kyrgyzstan.

Traditional Kyrgyz music was exposed to and influenced by other forms of music as Kyrgyzstan sits on the Great Silk Road, and travellers brought with them their own traditions and folk music with them, as did the representatives of many different nationalities that settled here under the expansion of the Russian empire and later in the Soviet Union.

The Russians also brought European classical music to the region. There are many talented performers in the country, for example in the Ballet and Opera companies, the Symphony and Chamber orchestras, each with their own extensive repertoire.

Over the years other, more modern forms of music have also developed and become popular – including Jazz, Pop, Rock and Rap.

It is not unusual to hear Beatles songs performed by musicians in restaurants, followed a rendition of “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess and then by a Beethoven sonata. Also, many of the performers, soloists and ensembles demonstrate their versatility combining a wide range of elements from different genres.

Presented in the section “MP3-archive” are compositions which demonstrate the diversity if musical styles found in Kyrgyzstan. All of the tracks are exclusively provided for trial listening – downloading, copying and distribution is permitted for non-commercial purposes only.

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