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Traditional musical instruments

The traditional musical instruments of the Kyrgyz have a rich history. Some of them have similar counterparts in other cultures, for example the sound of the tai tuyak resembles that of Spanish castanets. Some instruments till retain their original form and sound whereas others have undergone transformations until they reached their modern form and are now feature in orchestras and ensembles.

In this section we present information about the main musical instruments of the Kyrgyz which are still in use today in various genres. For convenience and ease of searching they are divided into four separate groups each of which is presented in its own section with text and other illustrative material:

  1. Wind instruments
  2. Stringed instruments
  3. Percussion instruments
  4. Idiophones


We can organize concerts of traditional Kyrgyz music when it will be possible to see and hear many of these instruments, (for more information please contact our office, our contact details are in the section  “About Us”).